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Occupy Mezhyhirya: Squatting the Mansion of Ukraine’s Ex-President

Meet Petro: the lone revolutionary still squatting the home of President Yanukovych six years later.

Revolution Ukraine

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Exploring an Abandoned Surface-to-Air Missile Base in Bulgaria

Paisley and pin-ups in a Bulgarian military ruin.

Urban Exploration Bulgaria

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Željava Airbase: The Abandoned Yugoslav Airport Inside a Mountain

A tour of Yugoslavia's top-secret 'Object 505.'

Urban Exploration Underground

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The Salaspils Memorial: A Soviet Monument to Nazi Victims in Latvia

"Beyond these gates the land groans."

Dark Tourism Latvia

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Kharanaq: Iran’s 1000-Year-Old Mud-Brick Ghost Town

An ancient citadel lies abandoned in the mountainous heart of Iran.

Iran Travel


Bohemian Tours in Eastern Europe: Operating in Bulgaria, Ukraine & the Former Yugoslavia.

The Bohemian Blog

An alternative travel journal exploring the bizarre, the macabre, and other secret wonders of the world.

Darmon Richter

Darmon Richter is a travel writer, photographer and researcher, with a particular interest in ideological architecture.