Hunting for Crocodiles in Bristol’s Dreadnought Drain

After a reported crocodile sighting in Bristol, I ventured down into the sewers for a closer look.

Urban Exploration UK

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Homeless in Havana: How a Travel Disaster Showed Me the Real Cuba

Arriving in Cuba alone, with no money and no plan, was more fun than you might expect.


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xfeat3 Sedlec Ossuary

Bone Churches of Bohemia: The Sedlec Ossuary at Kutná Hora

A 15th century Czech chapel decorated with more than 40,000 human skeletons.

Czech Republic Dark Tourism

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xfeat-Chernobyl Tourism @ 72

What it’s Like to Spend 32 Hours in The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

Ghost towns, radiation & the ethics of ruin lust.

Chernobyl Dark Tourism

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x-feat Cuba's Nuclear Power Station

The Soviet Legacy: Inside Cuba’s Unfinished Nuclear Power Station

Crabs, bats and communists, in Cuba's greatest Soviet souvenir.

Cuba Urban Exploration

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x-feat 2560x1400 @ 240

The Confectioner’s Dungeon: A Brief History of the King’s Cross Ice Well

A beautifully preserved Victorian ice well, hidden for more than a century beneath central London.

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Welcome to No Man’s Land: Urban Exploration in Transnistria

It doesn't get any more off-the-grid than urban exploration in a country that doesn't exist.

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x-feat 2560x1400 @ 240

London Asunder: Six Tales of Urban Infiltration

London as you’ve never seen it before: exploring the hidden infrastructure of the British capital.

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x-feat2 2560x1400 @ 240

Exploring Crimea’s Secret Soviet Sub Base: Balaklava Naval Museum

Take a tour through a once-secret, Soviet nuclear submarine base – at Balaklava, on the Crimean Pe

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x-feat Pentridge Prison

Dark Tourism in the Ruins of Melbourne’s Pentridge Prison

Discover the gruesome history of the abandoned Pentridge Prison in Melbourne, Australia.

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x-feat Abandoned Olympic Venue

Is this Abandoned Sports Hall the Olympic Venue that History Forgot?

The abandoned sports hall in Bulgaria that's rumoured to be an unused Olympic venue.

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x-feat 2560x1400 @ 240

Infiltrating England’s Dark Satanic Mills

A trip to London's Royal Docks, to explore a decayed skeleton of the industrial revolution: Millenni

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x-feat Kangbashi

Getting Under the Skin of Kangbashi: China’s Ghost City

A tour of China's "Ghost City": urban exploration in Ordos, the largest ghost town on the planet.

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x-feat Maze Drain

Flashlights and Spider Bites in Melbourne’s Maze Drain

The 'Maze Drain': one of Melbourne's largest underground waterways & home to hordes of venomous spid

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x-feat 2560x1400 @ 72

Underneath England: The Godstone Main Series Mine

Exploring the Godstone Main Series Mine: a firestone quarry beneath Surrey, England.

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x-feat 2560x1400 @ 240

The Ilinden Spomenik: Macedonia’s Space-Age Monument to Freedom

Exploring the history & symbology of the Ilinden Spomenik in Krusevo, Macedonia.

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