Saturday, 8 December 2012

Editorial: December

From gas masks to Transylvanian castles... November has been a busy month. Here's a quick review, as well as a glimpse at things to come.

New Features

The Bohemian Blog enjoyed some great publicity this last month, with features on a number of different websites.

December Editorial
  • Bucharest-based newspaper Romania Libera ran a photo feature on my visit to a disused satellite base in Russia.

  • Business Insider featured another one of my reports, this time having a look at the abandoned nuclear bunker hidden beneath a communist monument in Bulgaria.

  • I made a guest appearance on Urban Ghosts. I have been a fan of Urban Ghosts for some time now, and have often browsed the site for strange and wonderful places to visit - so I was happy to be able to supply some content of my own!

  • Recommendations

    Last weekend I went through past posts from The Bohemian Blog, adding the option for readers to 'recommend' an article on Facebook. It's more or less the same as 'like'ing it - but it makes you sound cleverer.

    Recent Adventures

    So, Romania was a blast. Despite some initial mishaps (my brain failed to compute the possible clash between the concepts of "all you can drink" and "7am bus"), I made it safely to Bucharest - where I met up with some of the city's urban explorers.

    December Editorial

    In the space of three days I visited a subterranean fortress from the 19th century, a wealth of abandoned, neo-classical mansions and townhouses, the picturesque medieval town of Bra┼čov and finally, a handful of gothic castles scattered across the mountains of Transylvania.

    Also worthy of a quick mention is an old furniture factory in Bulgaria, which I visited a couple of weeks ago. This large, partially flooded site featured one room whose floor was piled with rubber gas masks.

    You'll see full reports on some of these sites appearing over the next few weeks.

    Future Adventures

    As the first snow begins to fall on Bulgaria, I have been preparing plans to escape the bitter winter. In January I'll be flying to Australia... so if you're reading this and you know of interesting places to visit around the Melbourne area, please get in touch!

    Coming Up Next

    December Editorial

    In the meantime, here's a report from my November visit to the breathtaking 14th century Bran Castle in Transylvania... or as it is otherwise known, Dracula's Castle.


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