Thursday, 10 January 2013

Editorial: January

Here's another monthly editorial... this time featuring a quick run down of travel plans for 2013, a taster of posts to look out for in January, and a round-up of the top websites to have tickled my fancy this month.

Link Roundup

I have decided to start including a link round-up in these monthly editorials - it gives me a chance to share some of the posts on other sites that have caught my eye in the last few weeks. This first round-up features fairytale caverns in Russia, the stealth aircraft of Area 51 and a tour of China's abandoned Disneyworld.

7 Abandoned Wonders of Commercial & Industrial Architecture
Web Urbanist

Top Secret Tombs: Classified Stealth Aircraft Burial Grounds of Area 51
Urban Ghosts

Abandoned Chinese Disneyworld
Stuck in Customs

Submarine Tunnel, Montenegro

Fairytale Marble Canyon, Russia
English Russia

English Russia | Fairytale Marble Canyon

This Month

After a busy month of writing, it's time to head off for some new adventures... I'll be touching down in Australia just over a week from now. In addition to a tour of the notorious Old Melbourne Gaol, I have been busy researching a number of other unusual destinations to visit - both above and below the ground.

After Australia I'll be taking a swift tour of East Asian cities; Singapore, Hong Kong, Qingdao and Beijing, before heading over the border for a week of volunteer work on a goat farm in North Korea.

There'll clearly be enough inspiration here to keep me writing for a while. In the meantime, still to come are reports from a creepy abandoned factory in Bulgaria, the ruined Thai temples of Ayutthaya, and a tour of the world's most heavily militarised border: the (ironically named) Korean Demilitarised Zone.

In addition to that, watch out for my article entitled 'Soviet Urbex' in the forthcoming Issue 4 of UE Magazine.

Urban Exploration | Urbex | Bucharest Stronghold, Romania

Coming Up Next

Before any of that however, here comes another report from my recent foray into Romania: this time taking a look at the subterranean remains of the 19th century Fortifications of Bucharest.

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