Saturday, 9 February 2013

Editorial: February

Here's your monthly dose of link recommendations... along with news on forthcoming reports and current (mis)adventures.

Link Roundup

This month I've gathered another selection of things that have tickled my fancy of late; including the fascinating Cypriot ghost town at Varosha, a ruined Pepsi bottling plant and a Tuscan insane asylum! Enjoy.

The Creepiest Places on Earth

Tuscany's Asylum for the Criminally Insane
Environmental Graffiti

Abandoned Pepsi Factory in Cambodia

Mediterranean Ghost Town, Cyprus
Sometimes Interesting

Bombed-Out Church Re-imagined as Peaceful Urban Garden
Urban Ghosts

Urban Ghosts | Bombed-Out Church Re-imagined as Peaceful Urban Garden

This Month

Right now I'm in Melbourne, Australia. It's my first visit to this continent, and the journey here was an adventure in itself... commencing with a nine-hour coach journey to Istanbul, and 'complications' at the Bulgarian-Turkish border.

The Bohemian Blog | Istanbul, Turkey

After an intense weekend immersion in Turkish culture (backgammon, tea, hookah, Islamic holy sites, tea, museums, music, cemeteries and tea), I managed to traverse three continents in 24 hours - finally arriving in Melbourne via a stopover at Singapore.

Travelling from a Bulgarian Winter straight into Australian summertime resulted in a temperature jump of almost 50 degrees, which only served to further confound my state of desynchronosis. As it turns out though, Melbourne is awesome - and arriving just in time for Australia Day, I was greeted with a heavy week of tennis, festivals and barbecues.

So far I've already managed to check out a number of interesting sites around the area - including an abandoned brewery, a brick factory, Old Melbourne Gaol and some massive storm drains. Tomorrow I plan to retrace the mysterious disappearances that formed the basis of a cult 1960s novel, as I head into the Outback for a Picnic at Hanging Rock.

You can expect reports on all of these soon...

Weird World

Regular visitors to The Bohemian Blog might already have spotted the appearance of a new subpage entitled Weird World.

Weird World | The Stone Forest, Bulgaria

This is basically a repository for all those posts which didn't quite fit under the heading of Urban Exploration, weren't exactly dark enough to be filed as Dark Tourism, and yet still screamed out as being worthy of a mention on this site.

So far this list includes Bulgaria's stone forest (pictured here), the ancient Korean city of Kaesong and Kazakhstan's Illuminati capital.

Watch this space, as I've got a few real gems that I'll be adding to this page over the coming months.

One Hundred Thousand Hits!

Just a few weeks after celebrating its first birthday, The Bohemian Blog also hit the big 100,000 visitors mark. Having created the blog on a whim and then (initially) updated it only sporadically at best, this is clearly quite an exciting statistic.

So, thanks for reading! Keep sharing, liking, tweeting... and I guess the next big target is the 1,000,000 mark.

Urban Exploration | Urbex | Larundel Asylum for Girls, Bundoora, Melbourne

Coming Up Next

I'm going to kick off now with the first of my reports from Down Under. It's also my first taster of urban exploration in Australia, and a particularly atmospheric one at that - a visit to the Larundel Mental Asylum located on the outskirts of Melbourne.

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