Balkan Brut: Socialist-Modernist Architecture in South East Europe

Say what you like about Yugoslav communism, but those guys certainly had some terrific architecture.

When I went looking for WWII memorials in the Balkans last year, I set myself a side-mission of photographing all the brutalist Yugoslav buildings I could find. The following gallery of 62 images is the result of that quest (with a little bit of Bulgarian brutalism thrown in for good measure).

Right now, this collection is a work in progress. I have more photos than I need, and some are very similar to each other – I’m going to have to spend some more time whittling this down to a workable number, before it ends up as a story on the front page of the blog.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on a wonderful world of concrete.


Novi Beograd, Serbia


Niš, Serbia


Užice, Serbia


Hotel Zlatibor, Serbia


Sarajevo, Bosnia


Motel Miljevina, Bosnia




Tetovo, Macedonia


Podgorica, Montenegro


Radio & TV Building, Montenegro


Ljubljana, Slovenia


Dubrovnik, Croatia


Novi Zagreb, Croatia


Richter’s Rockets, Croatia