Life in the High-Rise: My Brutalist Holiday in Belgrade’s Genex Tower

Back in April I led a tour through the heartlands of former Yugoslavia. We finished up in Belgrade, on May 1st, and I decided to use the opportunity to spend some more time getting to know the Serbian capital. Of course, for me, that means looking at concrete.

What a joy it was then, to be told that the Genex Tower – or ‘Western City Gate’ – a towering 30-floor Brutalist masterpiece in the Novi Beograd district, contained a ready-to-rent AirBnB apartment.

In contrast to some of my extensive, roaming articles that feature dozens of different monuments, or buildings, all collected in a list, I really want to publish something exclusively about the Genex Tower. It’ll likely appear on the blog sooner rather than later… but you can take a look at the photos right now.



The Plaza


Inside the Genex Tower


The 30th Floor


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