This page is a work in progress. For some years now, I’ve been working towards a number of different books dealing with various topics raised on this blog. Well, 2015 is going to be an exciting year – with several of these projects finally reaching publication.

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Eternal Glory

Eternal Glory is a project that documents the brutalist, communist-era monuments of Bulgaria. Much of the groundwork was conducted over the summer of 2014, as myself and a Bulgarian colleague drove more than 10,000 km around the country in search of remote and forgotten monoliths built by the former regime.

Between 1946 and 1989, the Bulgarian Communist Party commissioned the construction of several hundred ideological monuments. They appeared in city centres, on coastal cliffs, and high up along the ridges of the Balkan Mountains. Built from concrete, brick and iron, these bold, brutalist forms took their inspiration from 1,300 years of Bulgarian history: from the nation’s 7th century founder, Khan Asparuh, through the heroes of the 19th century Bulgarian Revolution, to the might of the Soviet Red Army who supported Bulgaria’s fight against fascism in the 20th century.

Today, many of these monuments have gone the same way as the BCP itself; either dismantled, demolished, or simply left to decay.

Eternal Glory documents 100 different monuments and memorial complexes across the country, combining striking photographs with the words of the Bulgarian people themselves; collected in the form of interviews conducted at every stop along the way. As a result, this catalogue of monumental wonder is narrated by the voices of architects and labourers, the people who built these structures as well as those who lived in their shadow.

The book is currently in the final stages of production… but in the meantime, I’ve started running tours to some of the more notable architectural oddities featured in the project. You can find out more over on the Tours page.


Other Titles

Global Undergrounds is a collection of essays looking at unique subterranean spaces around the world. Edited by Bradley L. Garrett, Paul Dobraszczyk and Carlos López Galviz, the book will be released through Reaktion Books in 2015. It features four chapters by Darmon Richter, focussing on: the Pyongyang Metro; Moscow’s subterranean river; the Odessa Catacombs; and the complex network of storm drains beneath Melbourne.

Abandoned Places is a forthcoming Harper Collins title, authored by Richard Happer, and documenting 60 of the most beautiful and bizarre abandoned places around the world. The volume is set to feature breathtaking images, alongside rich historical narratives. Darmon contributed to the publication as project editor, in addition to providing his own photographs to accompany numerous locations.

The Bohemian Guide to Travel will be like no travel guide you’ve read before. Whereas other guides might recommend a list of places that you shouldn’t visit, this book will, instead, give you tips on how to plan your trip. It will feature chapters on how to bribe officials, on urban camp-craft and trespassing tips, as well as some cunning ways to make your travel pay for itself. All advice is offered from personal experience, and illustrated with exclusive images and anecdotes that you won’t see published anywhere else.


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