Siberia, 1920. A young girl, Varya, sets out on a quest for vengeance. She will travel across Soviet Russia and beyond, guided by a list of five names; the five men who killed her father in the Winter of 1916.

Their victim – Varya’s father – was Grigori Rasputin: a holy fool, mystical healer, and beloved personal advisor to the Russian Tsarina. But now the Tsar and Tsarina are dead, while a red star rises over Moscow. Varya Grigorievna Rasputina must venture right into the heart of the warn-torn Soviet republic, avoiding the suspicion of Lenin’s secret police as she hunts down her father’s murderers.

About the Project

Built upon extensive research, Rasputina explores the characters and conspiracies linked to one of the most notorious assassinations of the 20th century. The story casts Grigori Rasputin not as a ‘Mad Monk,’ but as a loving father, a healer, and a victim of propaganda. There’ll be mayhem, magic and mystery along the way, a veritable orgy of violence and visions; but ultimately, Rasputina aims to show how sometimes history itself can be stranger than fiction.

Publication Details
Writer: Darmon Richter
Illustrator: Diana Naneva


Global Undergrounds

Exploring Cities Within

Global Undergrounds is a really interesting project – a collection of academic essays looking at dozens of underground locations around the world. I was invited to contribute a number of these essays… and I have to say, it’s deeply flattering to see my name appearing in such a prestigious list alongside professors, lecturers, geographers and urbanologists from many different countries. This is a truly intriguing book, and I’m delighted to have had the chance to contribute something.

My chapters (and accompanying images) featured in Global Undergrounds deal with the following subjects:

Mateship Below: Melbourne Drains
Diggers and Deserters: Odessa Catacombs
Intractable Histories: Moscow’s Secret River
Futures Past: Pyongyang Metro

Publication Details
Editors: Paul Dobraczyk, Carlos Lopez Galvis & Bradley L. Garret
Publisher: Reaktion Books
Publication date: 1 Jun 2016

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Abandoned Places

60 Stories of Places Where Time Stopped

You’ve no doubt seen those viral photo-essays floating around social media: “The 30 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places in the World!” or something like that. Well, this book is the ultimate collection, manifested in physical form.

Early in 2015 I got an email from the book’s author. He had come across my blog while researching locations – it turned out that I’d already been to quite a few of the places he wanted to write about – and soon enough I was brought on as a location consultant.

I ended up making a range of contributions as the project evolved – from advising on the list of locations, through to giving the manuscript its final proofread and editing tweaks – so that by the end I felt a real, personal satisfaction at seeing the finished book go to print!

Abandoned Places also features a number of my own photographs; including shots of abandoned locations such as London’s Millennium Mills, the Sathorn Unique in Bangkok, Bulgaria’s Buzludzha Monument and China’s ‘Ghost City,’ Ordos.

Publication Details
Author: Richard Happer
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication date: 8 Oct 2015

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A Guide to the Most Spectacular Failures in the History of Modern and Contemporary Architecture

Archiflop was the idea of an Italian architect, professor Alessandro Biamonti at the Politecnico di Milano. The book showcases occasions when an architect’s vision has overreached their means; a lighthearted look at structural disasters, failed urban developments… and some building projects which were just plain ridiculous.

I love the concept of this book, and was very happy to be able to provide a number of my own images – including photographs from ‘Wonderland,’ China’s ill-fated Disneyland clone that for many years stood unfinished and abandoned in a field somewhere north of Beijing.

Publication Details
Author: Alessandro Biamonti
Publisher: Niggli Verlag
Publication date: 27 Oct 2016

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