Climbing the Tower of an Abandoned Brewery in Belgrade

Back in Belgrade, I met up again with some of my local exploring buddies. Slobodan, who runs Urban Exploration Belgrade and gave me a tour of an abandoned sugar factory the last time I was in town, took me to a brewery this time.

The place had a lot of history, and had been one of the city’s first major brewery sites. We had a look during the day – discretely entering the site through a door round the back of one of Belgrade’s busiest café streets. The brewery has been out of action ever since the break-up of Yugoslavia, and outer parts of the complex had already been partitioned off: turned into bars and coffee shops, the gradual gentrification of Serbia’s industrial-age relics.

Later that evening, after dinner, a few of us decided to go back for another look. We climbed the brewery’s clock tower after dark, up past empty silos and antiquated timekeeping technology. I spent my last night in Serbia up on that balcony – drinking beer and watching the traffic go by, atop one of the last looming landmarks of pre-Yugoslav Belgrade.

Belgrade Brewery-1

Belgrade Brewery-2

Belgrade Brewery-3Belgrade Brewery-4

Belgrade Brewery-5

Belgrade Brewery-6

Belgrade Brewery-7Belgrade Brewery-15

Belgrade Brewery-8

Belgrade Brewery-9

Belgrade Brewery-10

Belgrade Brewery-11

Belgrade Brewery-12

Belgrade Brewery-13

Belgrade Brewery-14

Belgrade Brewery-16

Belgrade Brewery-17Belgrade Brewery-18

Belgrade Brewery-19

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