Elektrėnai: The Abandoned Funfair in a Lithuanian Industrial City

Elektrėnai was a new Soviet city, built to house workers at the nearby power plant. The plant went online in 1961, and Elektrėnai was established as a city the following year – its name coming from the Lithuanian term for ‘electric plant.’

The city itself is a perfect showcase of Soviet Modernism, consisting of utilitarian and subtly stylised blocks arranged around a nexus of more dramatic and eye-catching community buildings… and all of it overshadowed by the chimneys of the nearby power plant, which today remains the largest source of domestically produced power in Lithuania. What really caught my eye though, as we drove through, was the spectacle of a dilapidated Ferris wheel, rising above the tree-line just beyond the city centre. Only relatively recently closed, the Elektrėnai funfair included that Ferris wheel in addition to various other rides and a roller coaster too. I think this might be the first abandoned rollercoaster I’ve seen!

I am currently digging deeper into the history of this place, and plan to write a full blog post about it in time. For now though, here’s a sneak peak at my photographs.























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