Gwrych Castle: A Fortified Folly on the Coast of North Wales

Although it’s going to feature in an upcoming post, this place was so photogenic I felt it deserved a gallery of its own.

The castle sits on the north coast of Wales, and though it may look positively medieval from a distance the whole thing was actually constructed just a few hundred years ago as a vanity project. A local man who had always dreamed of living in a castle suddenly came into wealth – and so the first thing he did was buy a lot of land and build a brand new castle from scratch.

Subsequent generations of the family added extensions, though the structure wasn’t really built to last. It’s crumbling inside now, the basic steel and mortar skeleton failing to support the facade of old-looking stone. It has been abandoned for a while, though there are currently talks of renovating the place – and turning it into a visitor centre and hotel.

Anyway, the castle will be featuring in a soon-to-come post about Wales… but here are all the additional images that I just couldn’t make room for in that article.

Gwrych Castle 1

Gwrych Castle 2

Gwrych Castle 3

Gwrych Castle 4

Gwrych Castle 5

Gwrych Castle 6

Gwrych Castle 7

Gwrych Castle 8

Gwrych Castle 9

Gwrych Castle 10

Gwrych Castle 11

Gwrych Castle 12

Gwrych Castle 13

Gwrych Castle 14

Gwrych Castle 15

Gwrych Castle 16

Gwrych Castle 17

Gwrych Castle 18

Gwrych Castle 19

Gwrych Castle 20

Gwrych Castle 21

Gwrych Castle 22

Gwrych Castle 23

Gwrych Castle 24

Gwrych Castle 25

Gwrych Castle 26

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