Ohrid, Macedonia: Europe’s Oldest Lake

Nestled away between rolling hills in the south of Macedonia, Lake Ohrid is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. It forms part of the border between Macedonia and Albania, and this ancient body of water is reckoned to be Europe’s oldest lake. The town of Ohrid itself, situated at the northern end, is a picturesque tumble of wooden cottages and cobbled streets, red tiled rooftops and marinas packed full of colourful fishing boats.

I wanted to write a post about Lake Ohrid the moment I got back – I really did – but sadly, there just isn’t room on my blog for the beautiful. There was no angle I could find to write about at Ohrid, no dirt, no secrets or peculiarities. The closest I got was a rumoured myth about a lake monster; there were a few reported sightings a couple of hundred years ago, although nothing of note since then. If I can find out more, I might yet write an essay about it: explore the mythological angle, look at the ancient history of the area.

But until then, here it sits. A photo album from one of the most exquisite locations I’ve ever visited, and a destination that I’d recommend to any of you in a heartbeat… but it’s just not the sort of place I write about.

Lake Ohrid-2

Lake Ohrid-3

Lake Ohrid-4

Lake Ohrid-5

Lake Ohrid-6

Lake Ohrid-8

Lake Ohrid-9

Lake Ohrid-10

Lake Ohrid-1

Lake Ohrid-12

Lake Ohrid-13

Lake Ohrid-16

Lake Ohrid-17

Lake Ohrid-18

Lake Ohrid-19

Lake Ohrid-20

Lake Ohrid-22

Lake Ohrid-23

Lake Ohrid-25

Lake Ohrid-26

Lake Ohrid-27

Lake Ohrid-28

Lake Ohrid-29

Lake Ohrid-30

Lake Ohrid-31

Lake Ohrid-33

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