Jack the Ripper Tourism in London’s East End

Recently I wrote a post about occult sites in London, connected into a tour route by a fictional rendition of Jack the Ripper in Alan Moore’s graphic novel, From Hell. Well, this article will provide the non-fiction counterpoint.


Ripper Tours

There are dozens of different walking tours that lead participants around the famous Whitechapel murder sites. I’ve taken a few of these now, and it’s an interesting experience – though as often as not, I find myself more engrossed with watching the guides and tourists than with the destinations themselves. Some of these tours are highly informative; others feel mawkish and distasteful. In this section, I’ll review my best and worst experiences of Ripper Tours.

Ripper Tourism-1-Night-5

Ripper Tourism-1-Night-1

Ripper Tourism-1-Night-3

Ripper Tourism-1-Night-4

Ripper Tourism-1-Night-6

Ripper Tourism-1-Night-9

Ripper Tourism-1-Night-10


The Murder Sites

In addition to the walking tours, I’ve also made my own DIY tours of sites associated with Jack the Ripper. Visiting these locations by daylight gives a very different perspective on the places involved, and also invites more participation from contemporary street culture. Rather than exploring gloomy alleyways while listening to an over-theatrical guide, I want to spend a bit of time talking about the East End today – and about its blend of ethnicities and cultures, its street art, cafés and markets.

Ripper Tourism-2-Day-1-Dorset Street

Ripper Tourism-2-Day-2-Hanbury Street 2

Ripper Tourism-2-Day-3-Henriques Street 1

Ripper Tourism-2-Day-4-Henriques Street 4

Ripper Tourism-2-Day-5-mitre square 2

Ripper Tourism-2-Day-6-Goulston Street 2

Ripper Tourism-2-Day-7-Goulston Street 3

Ripper Tourism-2-Day-10-Christ Church

Ripper Tourism-2-Day-9-Durwood Street


The Jack the Ripper Museum

Just recently there has been a lot of controversy in the British press around the opening of a new ‘Jack the Ripper Museum.’ Much of this surrounds the proprietors, who allegedly promised a museum dedicated to ‘the women of Victorian London’… and then instead opened a museum dedicated to Britain’s most infamous misogynist.

In order to get to the bottom of this rather awful faux pas, I visited the museum for myself – as well as meeting and interviewing the owners about their plans and ideas for the exhibition.

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-1

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-3

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-4

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-5

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-6

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-7

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-8

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-9

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-11

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-12

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-13

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-14

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-15

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-16

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-17

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-19

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-20

Ripper Tourism-3-Museum-21

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