Romanian Rooftops

Bucharest: noisy, dirty, dusty, chaotic. It’s not for everyone – only last week I spoke to someone who’d been once, and sworn off the place for eternity – but personally, I have a very special love for the Romanian capital.

For me, it’s the details that make it. The hidden plazas, the backstreet mansions sagging under a century’s worth of ivy; and at rooftop level, the spires, gargoyles and balustrades that go unnoticed by the vast majority of pedestrians down below.

These photographs are a few years old now, and I only came across them by chance as I tidied up some folders on my hard drive. I had spent that day with a Romanian friend, exploring abandoned buildings around the centre of Bucharest. It was the same weekend that we’d visited Doftana Penitentiary, in fact – and amidst all that drama I quite forgot about our little rooftop expedition one evening just before sunset.

Looking back at these images now though, eight photographs that show nothing much in particular, I’m realising just how well they illustrate what I love about this city: the dusty orange sunset over a mismatched forest of concrete, slate and stone; flags and washing lines fluttering above the distant din below.

Romanian Rooftops-1

Romanian Rooftops-3

Romanian Rooftops-4

Romanian Rooftops-5

Romanian Rooftops-6

Romanian Rooftops-7

Romanian Rooftops-8

Romanian Rooftops-2

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