Vanishing Village: Abandoned Houses in the Mountains of China

While visiting China a few years back, a friend of mine led me to this abandoned village up in the mountains. It’s near Qingdao, on the slopes of Mount Fu – and the place looks as though it must have been deserted for at least a decade.

Usually in my posts I’ll do some digging, research a place, and present a concise history to go alongside my images. In this case though, I simply have no idea why the village was abandoned. Earthquake? Flooding? Your guess is as good as mine.

There were a decent number of houses here, a few dozen dwellings arranged along the edge of the reservoir. Walking from one to another, I passed through unlocked doors… and some with little more than rotted, open door frames. Inside the houses I found pots and shoes, wall hangings, ovens and brushes. In some, parts of the ceiling had collapsed from years of neglect.

Apparently, though, people still come by to visit this empty village from time to time. A few of the houses, those that remain intact, had heavy padlocks on their doors. Maybe some people weren’t ready to make the move, and still kept possessions stored away here. At one end of the village, a small taoist shrine had fresh flowers lain beside it.

I might write more about this place, in time – especially if I can find more information about it. For now though, you can take a virtual tour of the ghost town courtesy of the images below.

Vanishing Village 1

Vanishing Village 2

Vanishing Village 3

Vanishing Village 4

Vanishing Village 5

Vanishing Village 6

Vanishing Village 7

Vanishing Village 8

Vanishing Village 9

Vanishing Village 10

Vanishing Village 11

Vanishing Village 12

Vanishing Village 13

Vanishing Village 14

Vanishing Village 15

Vanishing Village 16

Vanishing Village 17

Vanishing Village 18

Vanishing Village 19

Vanishing Village 20

Vanishing Village 21

Vanishing Village 22

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