Winnipeg Brutalism

101 Marion Street
Moody Moore Architects, 1972-73


Car Park on Garry Street


Centennial Concert Hall
Associated Architects for the Manitoba Centennial Centre (Green Blankstein Russell; Moody Moore and Partners; Smith Carter Searle and Associates), 1968.


Winnipeg Civic Centre
David Thordarson & Bernard Brown, 1962-63


Lynch Park Monument
???, 1991


Canadian Grain Commission Building
Smith Carter Parkin, 1973


Great West Life Centre


Lion’s Manor
Number Ten Architectural Group, 1970


Metro Plaza
Étienne Gaboury, 1966




Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Antoine Predock, 2008-14


Portage Avenue Mural
Artist unknown


Precious Blood Roman Catholic Church
Étienne Gaboury, 1968


Public Safety Building
Libling Michener and Associates (architects), Les Stechesen (lead designer), 1966.


Radisson Hotel (formerly the Northstar Hotel)
Waisman Ross Blankstein Coop Gillmor Hanna (now Number Ten Architectural Group), 1971.




Louis Riel Monument
Marcien Lemay & Étienne Gaboury, 1971


St Boniface Police Station, County Court & Health Unit
Étienne Gaboury, 1964


Winnipeg Transit Garage (Fort Rouge Transit Base)
Morley Blankstein, 1969


Winnipeg Art Gallery
Gustavo da Roza, 1969-1971


Duff Roblin Building
Green Blankstein Russell and Associates, 1970


Robson Hall

Ward MacDonald and Partners, 1969


University of Manitoba Student Union Building
Number Ten Architectural Group, 1966–69.





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