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The Bohemian Blog is an alternative travel site, dedicated to exploring the bizarre, the macabre and other secret wonders of the world. It's not a travel journal, and reports are seldom posted in chronological order. Rather, the aim of the blog is to present a varied catalogue of adventures, looking in depth at some of the world's most unexpected and unconventional travel destinations.

All travel posts on The Bohemian Blog are first-hand accounts, and the blog so far features reports from: Australia, Bulgaria, China, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Romania, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

About Darmon Richter

Darmon Richter is an avid traveller, fascinated in obscure and controversial destinations all over the world; he writes for a living, and penned his first short story at the tender age of seven; Darmon Richter grew up in England, but nowadays uses Bulgaria as a base for his regular world-wide adventures; his blog was initially created as a place to collect random thoughts and musings, but has since grown - rapidly, and mostly in response to positive feedback from readers - into the alternative travel blog it is today; Richter considers himself a 'recreational trespasser', although, on ethical grounds, he will never break into a site nor take anything from it; Darmon Richter has a passion for long, elaborately-punctuated sentences.

Darmon Richter can be emailed here, and is generally happy to hear from students, journalists, academics or like-minded adventurers.

Urban Exploration - Mong Kok Rooftops, Hong Kong

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