Novi Beograd: The Modernist Architecture of a Yugoslav Utopia

The Modernist towers, high-rises and extraordinary Brutalist blocks of 'New Belgrade.'

Serbia Yugoslavia

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Vila Rebar: Exploring the Secret Tunnels of a Croatian Dictator

The abandoned former home of Ante Pavelić – the man they called the ‘Butcher of the Balkans.’

Croatia Urban Exploration

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Inside Naypyidaw: The Truth About Myanmar’s ‘Ghost City’ Capital

A weekend in the bizarre new Burmese capital.

Myanmar Ghost Town

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The Pyramid, Bunkers & Purple Concrete of Communist Albania

An introduction to the totalitarian architecture of Tirana, Albania.

Psychogeography Albania

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Dark Tourism in Malaysia: Penang War Museum & its Haunted History

Fact and fantasy collide at the Penang War Museum in Malaysia.

Malaysia Dark Tourism

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Is this Abandoned Sports Hall the Olympic Venue that History Forgot?

The abandoned sports hall in Bulgaria that's rumoured to be an unused Olympic venue.

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Infiltrating England’s Dark Satanic Mills

A trip to London's Royal Docks, to explore a decayed skeleton of the industrial revolution: Millenni

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Getting Under the Skin of Kangbashi: China’s Ghost City

A tour of China's "Ghost City": urban exploration in Ordos, the largest ghost town on the planet.

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Welcome to Ordos, China: The World’s Largest “Ghost City”

Take a tour of China's "Ghost City": Ordos in Inner Mongolia.

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Flashlights and Spider Bites in Melbourne’s Maze Drain

The 'Maze Drain': one of Melbourne's largest underground waterways & home to hordes of venomous spid

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Underneath England: The Godstone Main Series Mine

Exploring the Godstone Main Series Mine: a firestone quarry beneath Surrey, England.

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The Ilinden Spomenik: Macedonia’s Space-Age Monument to Freedom

Exploring the history & symbology of the Ilinden Spomenik in Krusevo, Macedonia.

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Cemetery of the Greatest Sage: Searching for the Tomb of Confucius

A visit to the Confucius Temple and the Cemetery of the Greatest Sage in Qufu, China.

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Sneaking into an Abandoned Soviet Circus in Moldova

A tour of an abandoned Soviet Circus: forgotten rings & headless clowns in the former USSR.

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Meanwhile, in Pristina: The Kosovo Elections

An inside look at the 2013 Kosovo Elections - and why you should choose Pristina as your next holida

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Picnic at Hanging Rock: Retracing an Australian Murder Mystery

An attempt to recreate the famous mystery novel goes wrong – leaving us at the mercy of the kangar

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On Smoking Weed in North Korea

How I ended up getting stoned with an officer from the DPRK’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Transnistria: What it’s Like to Visit a Post-Soviet ‘Frozen Conflict’ Zone

Last remnants of the USSR: the unrecognised Soviet Socialist Republic of Transnistria.

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The Sultan’s Powerhouse: Santral Elektrik in Istanbul

A museum tour of Silahtarağa Power Station, Turkey's first coal-burning electric power plant.

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The Electric Warrior: A Pilgrimage to Marc Bolan’s Rock Shrine

A visit to the Marc Bolan Rock Shrine in London, dedicated to the deceased frontman of T. Rex.

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