Laguna Vere: Tbilisi’s Abandoned Soviet-era Sports Complex

Laguna Vere in Tbilisi, Georgia, was once the premier aquatic sports centre in the Caucasus.

Georgia Urban Exploration

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Life in the High-Rise: My Brutalist Holiday in Belgrade’s Genex Tower

A meditation on Brutalism, the occult & J. G. Ballard.

Psychogeography Serbia

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Novi Beograd: The Modernist Architecture of a Yugoslav Utopia

The Modernist towers, high-rises and extraordinary Brutalist blocks of 'New Belgrade.'

Serbia Yugoslavia

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Vila Rebar: Exploring the Secret Tunnels of a Croatian Dictator

The abandoned former home of Ante Pavelić – the man they called the ‘Butcher of the Balkans.’

Croatia Urban Exploration

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Inside Naypyidaw: The Truth About Myanmar’s ‘Ghost City’ Capital

A weekend in the bizarre new Burmese capital.

Myanmar Ghost Town

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Systo Palty: Russia’s Baltic Rave Circus

Systo Palty is an annual trance & world music festival held near Saint Petersburg.

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A Tourist in Pyongyang: My First Impressions on Visiting North Korea

A guided tour of Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. Old-fashioned hospitality in the communist D

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Urban Exploration in Ukraine: Deep in the Drains of Kiev

Beneath Kiev, Ukraine, there lies a complex network of Soviet storm drains, tunnels & mines.

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An Abandoned School in the Mountains of Bulgaria

In the Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria, this socialist school lies abandoned & haunted by the past.

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Urban Exploration: Inside the Ruins of a Soviet-Era Glass Factory

This abandoned Soviet Glass Factory in the mountains of Bulgaria is a monument to failed industry.

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Mount Buzludzha: Bulgaria’s Communist Party Headquarters

Formally known as the House-Monument of the Bulgarian Communist Party, the monument at Buzludzha Pea

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Beachfront Adventures: Winter at the Resort

Winter-time infiltration of the closed-down bars & restaurants along Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast.

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Exploring an Abandoned Monument to the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship

The Monument to the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship, sometimes simply referred to as the Russian Monumen

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Pobiti Kamani: Bulgaria’s Stone Forest

Pobiti Kamani is a unique geological phenomenon which has perhaps no parallel to be found anywhere i

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The Broken Bricks of an Unfinished Holiday Park

On Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, there lies a popular resort town known as Golden Sands. This modern

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Urban Exploration: The Old Milk Factory

Exploring the derelict remains of a creamery and bottling plant in Southwest England.

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The Old Orphanage: A Derelict Children’s Hospital in the Balkans

High up in the Bulgarian Balkans, this abandoned orphanage dates back to the communist era.

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Inside an Abandoned Mental Hospital

Urban Exploration: an abandoned mental hospital & asylum in Southwest England.

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