Romania Arkitektour

Crumbling communist monuments. Precarious mountain roads. Forests and lakes, totalitarian palaces, abandoned prisons, and a plethora of Brutalist hotels.

Bucharest to Bucharest
7 Days & 6 Nights
2-8 December 2018


On this 7-day tour we’ll explore the physical legacy of communism in Romania: from the home of Nicolae Ceaușescu to the Bucharest balcony where he gave his final speech… and heading out into the Romanian countryside to visit political prisons, bizarre ideological monuments and the remnants of colossal communist-era infrastructure.

Read on to find a full itinerary for this unique tour of 20th century communist heritage in Romania.


Optional Bulgaria Extension:
Your trip doesn’t have to end in Bucharest. For those who want to see more, we can continue south across the Danube to spend the next 6 days exploring ideological architecture and communist heritage sites in Bulgaria. For more information, visit the full trip listing here: Romania & Bulgaria Arkitektour



What’s Included

We’ve packed a lot into this tour. Here’s what you can expect to find included in the price:

Guides. You will be accompanied by two experienced guides – both myself and a Romanian colleague, Ovidiu Neacșu, who specialises in delivering tailor-made heritage tours in Romania.

Transport. Over the course of the tour we’ll be visiting a diverse range of destinations in southern Romania. Comfort is a priority – so we’ll have our own private bus for the journey, a modern, heated vehicle with a professional driver.

Hotels. All 6 nights of accommodation, Sunday 2nd December up to and including Friday 7th December, are included in the price. Some nights we’ll get to enjoy traditional, rustic settings, while other hotels are architectural attractions in their own right.

Food. The price of the tour includes a daily breakfast, either at the hotel or on the road – as well as group dinners every night of the tour. Over the week we’ll try a range of different local specialities, with vegetarian and vegan options available on request.



Arkitektour-2016 17Sunday 2nd: Arrive in Bucharest

Bucharest is a scintillating marriage of the old and new: from 18th century Gothic turrets peeking out of ivy, to the Socialist Realist corridors of power constructed during Ceaușescu’s reign.

Arrive in the day, and by nightfall we’ll gather in the Old City Centre for our first group meal together. You’ll get to meet your guides, and your fellow travellers for the coming two weeks – over a traditional-style Romanian banquet.

Sleep: Bucharest.


Arkitektour-2016 17Monday 3rd: Ceaușescu’s Capital

We begin with a visit to the People’s Palace. This colossal structure is the second largest government building in the world, and a perfect example of communist-era excess.

After that we’ll take a walking tour of communist heritage in Bucharest. You’ll see the balcony where Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu gave his final speech, and the bullet holes leftover from the revolution that ushered in democracy – with a final stop at Ceaușescu’s own personal villa.

Sleep: Bucharest.


Arkitektour-2016 17Tuesday 4th: Heroes of the Nation

We meet our bus on Tuesday morning and head out of town to visit the Jilava Prison – a place where fascists, communists and later, anti-communists, were once locked away.

Later, back in Bucharest, we’ll make a stop at Ceaușescu’s grave. We’ll visit the communist-era Nation’s Heroes Memorial in Carol Park after that, before returning to the centre for dinner.

Sleep: Bucharest.


Arkitektour-2016 17Wednesday 5th: The Romanian Siberia

From Bucharest we drive to the Monument of Youth, on the edge of a rural community near Constanța. This area was busy with forced labour during the communist period, something we’ll discuss at the nearby Monument to the Deportees.

After a stop at the National Museum of Agriculture we drive into Ploiești, the county seat of Prahova County, for Brutalism, dinner, and an overnight stay.

Sleep: Ploiești.


Arkitektour-2016 17Thursday 6th: Crime and Punishment

Today we drive straight to a notorious abandoned prison: Doftana Penitentiary. For many years this place held a reputation for its cruel treatment of inmates, mostly political prisoners, and even Ceaușescu himself did a spell inside.

After exploring the ruined penitentiary we head to Târgoviște to visit the military base where Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife were executed in 1989. We sleep in Pitești tonight, at an authentic communist-era hotel.

Sleep: Pitești.


Arkitektour-2016 17Friday 7th: Vidraru Dam

This morning we visit one of communist Romania’s largest infrastructure projects – the dam and hydroelectric plant at Lake Vidraru. In addition to dramatic views, we’ll admire the Monument to Prometheus raised for the dam’s completion.

In the afternoon we follow the winding Transfăgărășan Highway to Poenari Castle. This 15th century fort is connected to the history of Vlad the Impaler, and as we visit we’ll learn some of the truth behind the Dracula story.

Sleep: Bucharest.


Saturday 8th: La Revedere

Your final breakfast is on us, and after that we’ll all begin to go our own ways. We are going to be on hand to help you plan the next stage of your journey… or you can come with us, if you like, and spend another 6 days visiting communist-era monuments in Bulgaria. Find out more about our Bulgaria extension here: Romania & Bulgaria Arkitektour.


Arkitektour-2016 5



Bulgaria Arkitektour SEPT15 12This tour is the perfect way to understand Bulgaria’s relationship with its past – through its communist-era monuments, modernist architecture and abandoned buildings. Darmon’s knowledge and passion for the country, its architecture and monuments, is incredibly extensive. It’s an absorbing and fascinating week.

Phil R.

You simply cannot do a trip to places like this at a better price, and Darmon is someone I would be happy to travel to the ends of the earth and back with.

Hans K.

TOUR-OCT15-16We saw incredible things which you simply wouldn’t find on the usual Lonely Planet style tour. To this day the UFO monument at Buzludzha stands with the most incredible things I have seen and visiting it with Darmon meant we got the full impact.

Aram B.

The combination of breadth and depth of information, knowledge of hidden places, genuine warmth, and affordable prices is hard to beat. 100% recommended!

Tom & Rachel R.

Darmon is an excellent guide, and this tour has become one of the highlights of my travelling experiences. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

David J.

There’s such a huge amount of knowledge, time and love gone into the planning. I saw buildings and monuments that I never thought I would be able to visit… and stood in places that were more moving than I thought possible. It’s a fantastic experience, you should go.

Matty M.

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The Small Print

Still got questions? You might well find the answer below… but if not, feel free to just send us a message.


What does the price not include?

We planned this tour so that you’ll rarely need to reach for your wallet. The price includes all your transport inside Romania, it includes 6 nights of accommodation, any applicable entry fees, a breakfast every morning and a full meal every evening. But it does not include:

– Airfares.
– Travel insurance.
– Lunch and snacks.
– Alcoholic beverages.
– Other costs… this should go without saying, but just to be clear: we can’t help you with any additional airline charges, Paypal fees, credit card fines or bail payments.


What makes this tour so special?

This tour is like nothing else on the market. It’ll take you to places that don’t feature in guidebooks, and in some cases, places that even the locals have never heard of. The 7-day itinerary represents the work of two dedicated history geeks, while the routes we follow have been tried and tested across countless weekend road trips around Romania.


Will I be sharing a room with someone?

Yes – for the standard price you’ll be sharing a twin room with someone else. Naturally, we’ll try to pair you with someone you get on with… or if you’re travelling with a friend or partner already, then that’s even easier.

Alternatively, if you’d like a room to yourself just let us know. There will be an additional €175 charge for having your own single room throughout the tour.


Will I have a chance to take photos?

I’ve been on a few of those tours in the past where groups are rushed from one place to another so fast that there’s barely time to set up a tripod. This isn’t going to be like that. If you follow this site then you’ll already know that I’m passionate about photography – and there’s no way I would bring you to places this photogenic, without ensuring you’ve got plenty of time to capture the experience.


Can I go off exploring on my own?

Sure. There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from heading out on your own some days, if you want to. We can gladly recommend walking routes, shops, markets, museums, parks and various other places of interest. We’ve already factored some down-time into the itinerary, and we’re not going to be offended if you feel like you need a little more.

Just please, keep an eye on the schedule – we’d hate to keep the bus waiting because one of our crew’s gone missing.


But I’ve heard that Romania is dangerous…

Anyone who has already travelled in this part of the world will already know how crazy this sounds – but nevertheless, I’ve met people who haven’t been, and do actually have concerns like this.

Having travelled extensively in this region, I can assure you this is the safest, friendliest corner of Europe that you could ever hope to explore. By the end of the tour, I’m confident you’ll feel as comfortable here as I do.


What happens if I need to cancel my place? Can I get a refund?

We don’t want your money if you’re not coming with us… but at the same time, the moment you commit to this tour we’re going to start planning things around you. It’ll cost us money to receive your payment, and so 10% of the tour cost is non-refundable in order to cover these handling fees.

If you want to cancel your place more than a month before the tour starts, then just tell us – and I’ll send you back the full price minus handling fees right away. The closer we get to the tour though, the harder it’ll become to fill your place on the bus. For this reason, if you cancel less than a month before the tour starts then we’ll need to hang onto 50% of the amount as security against empty seats.

In the highly unlikely event that it’s us who cancel, then you’ll get everything back – I’ll refund you the whole lot, including any charges incurred during the transfer.


How do I sign up?

Your place on the tour is guaranteed the moment you put down your first payment.

The tour costs €950 per person. If you want a single hotel room throughout the tour, it’ll be €1,125. We’re also happy to take the payment in two instalments, if you prefer… though in this case there will be additional handling fees to consider.

For any more information, or to talk about reserving your seat, just get in touch.