Skopje’s Colourful Revolution

Last week, in Macedonia, I walked headfirst into a revolution.

I’ve been meaning to write an article about Skopje, the Macedonian capital, for a long time now. You might have seen a previous photo gallery I shared on here, which illustrated the changing architectural styles of the city over the ages: ‘Byzantine, Brutal, Baroque,’ was the title I planned to go with.

Back then I was overwhelmed by the new wave of tacky, post-modernist buildings that appeared to be popping up all over the city. Well now, there are even more of them. In the last few years it seems the construction project has shown no signs of slowing down – instead, there are now literally hundreds of brand new statues decorating a Disney-style city of faux-antique palaces. Honestly, this place is so weird.

But that’s where the revolution part comes in. Right now, the people of Macedonia are staging a series of nightly demonstrations against a government accused of surveillance and wiretapping, rising nationalism and criminal extravagance. The symbolic target of these protests has become the monuments themselves, on which the regime has spent more than 600 million Euros in the last few years alone.

Armed with paintball guns, the protestors have been defacing the monuments in what people are calling Macedonia’s ‘Colourful Revolution.’ The whole situation is fascinating, it’s highly photogenic, and it’s happening right now – so I’m planning to get this one written up in full ASAP.

Skopje 2014-1

Skopje 2014-2

Skopje 2014-3

Skopje 2014-4

Skopje 2014-5

Skopje 2014-6

Skopje 2014-7

Skopje 2014-8

Skopje 2014-9

Skopje 2014-10

Skopje 2014-11

Skopje 2014-12

Skopje 2014-13

Skopje 2014-14

Skopje 2014-15

Skopje 2014-16

Skopje 2014-17

Skopje 2014-18

Skopje 2014-19

Skopje 2014-20

Skopje Colourful Revolution-1

Skopje Colourful Revolution-2

Skopje Colourful Revolution-3

Skopje Colourful Revolution-4

Skopje Colourful Revolution-5

Skopje Colourful Revolution-6

Skopje Colourful Revolution-7

Skopje Colourful Revolution-8

Skopje Colourful Revolution-9

Skopje Colourful Revolution-10

Skopje Colourful Revolution-11

Skopje Colourful Revolution-12

Skopje Colourful Revolution-13

Skopje Colourful Revolution-14

Skopje Colourful Revolution-15

Skopje Colourful Revolution-16