Dark Tourism in the Ruins of Melbourne’s Pentridge Prison

Discover the gruesome history of the abandoned Pentridge Prison in Melbourne, Australia.

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Flashlights and Spider Bites in Melbourne’s Maze Drain

The 'Maze Drain': one of Melbourne's largest underground waterways & home to hordes of venomous spid

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Picnic at Hanging Rock: Retracing an Australian Murder Mystery

An attempt to recreate the famous mystery novel goes wrong – leaving us at the mercy of the kangar

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Brewer’s Droop: A Risky Climb in Melbourne’s Yorkshire Brewery

The Yorkshire Brewery is a crumbling Victorian tower, once the tallest building in Melbourne, Austra

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Old Melbourne Gaol: Death Masks & The Art of Hanging

Australia’s Old Melbourne Gaol is notorious for its death masks, gallows & connection with outlaw

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Looking for the Cave Clan in Melbourne’s ANZAC Drain

The ANZAC Drain in Melbourne, Australia, is home to ‘The Chamber’ - meeting place of the Cave Cl

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Larundel Hospital: An Abandoned Mental Asylum in Melbourne

Investigating supernatural goings-on at the abandoned Larundel Mental Asylum in Melbourne, Australia

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