Darmon Richter

Darmon Richter is a British writer and photographer with a particular interest in ideological architecture.

He wrote his first short story in school, at the age of seven. Back then he mostly wanted to be an astronaut… but being a writer was always a close second choice. A year later, he began to discover an early love for underground spaces. During a camping trip with the local scouts, Darmon went off wandering and found the gaping concrete entrance to a storm drain. The troop leader was on the verge of calling the fire brigade by the time he crawled back out – soaking wet, covered in cobwebs, and utterly enthralled.

Since then, not much has changed. Darmon still enjoys crawling about in dirty drains, and he still reads books about ancient mysteries, outer space and time travel. He never achieved his dream of becoming an astronaut; but he’s quite enjoying Planet Earth for now, getting to know it better, one curiosity at a time.

Since 2018 he has also been managing Monumentalism, a website showcasing his photographs of ideological architecture spotted all over the world. For a full portfolio of his various articles, features and exhibitions, visit

Darmon Richter’s first solo publication, Chernobyl: A Stalkers’ Guide, releases in September 2020 with Fuel Publishing.