Kukeri-Surva 2015-X

The Mystical Origins of the Kukeri: Bulgaria’s Strangest Folk Festival

Sun gods, mystery cults, ancient initiations... this bizarre festival is older than you might think.

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x-feat Abandoned Olympic Venue

Is this Abandoned Sports Hall the Olympic Venue that History Forgot?

The abandoned sports hall in Bulgaria that's rumoured to be an unused Olympic venue.

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z2x-feat Dark Tourism Cape Kaliakra Bulgaria

The Strange and Tragic History of Cape Kaliakra

Cape Kaliakra is a beautiful peninsula near Balchik, Bulgaria, which hides a bloody history.

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x-feat Don't Forget Your Past Buzludzha

Don’t Forget Your Past: The Fate of Buzludzha

Repairs begin at the ‘House-Monument of the Bulgarian Communist Party’, on Mount Buzludzha. New

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x-feat Furniture Hall

Gas Masks & Graffiti: A Derelict Furniture Factory in Bulgaria

The abandoned Sava Ganchev factory: artistic graffiti & a dungeon full of gas masks.

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End of the Line: Abandoned Train Yards in the Snow

Abandoned train station in the Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria. Ticket halls, tracks & rusted cranes.

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x-feat Soviet Propaganda Centre

Exploring an Abandoned Cold War Bunker in Bulgaria

A Cold War bunker beneath the Park-Monument of the Bulgarian-Soviet Friendship in Varna, Bulgaria.

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x-feat Socialist School Bulgaria

An Abandoned School in the Mountains of Bulgaria

In the Balkan Mountains of Bulgaria, this socialist school lies abandoned & haunted by the past.

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x-feat Soviet Glass Factory

Urban Exploration: Inside the Ruins of a Soviet-Era Glass Factory

This abandoned Soviet Glass Factory in the mountains of Bulgaria is a monument to failed industry.

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