Croatia-Daksa Island-X

A Day Trip to Daksa: Visiting Croatia’s ‘Island of Ghosts’

The abandoned island that Dubrovnik wants to forget.

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Lake Burabay-Kazakhstan-X

Getting Lost in the Forests & Folklore of North Kazakhstan

Myth and misadventure on a hiking trip to Burabay National Park.

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Skrunda-1: Exploring a Soviet Ghost Town in the Forests of Latvia

Now left abandoned for 15 years, this secret city once guarded a key Soviet radar facility.

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Nike Missile Base-X

WMDs in the Florida Keys: The Abandoned Nike Missile Site HM-40

Alligators and urban exploration on my first trip to the US of A.

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Yaks, Monks & Nomads X

Yaks, Monks & Nomads: A Road Trip Through the Tibetan Plateau

Visiting Buddhist monasteries in the remote grasslands of the Tibetan Amdo region.

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Hanging Rock - 17

Picnic at Hanging Rock: Retracing an Australian Murder Mystery

An attempt to recreate the famous mystery novel goes wrong – leaving us at the mercy of the kangar

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z2x-feat Dark Tourism Cape Kaliakra Bulgaria

The Strange and Tragic History of Cape Kaliakra

Cape Kaliakra is a beautiful peninsula near Balchik, Bulgaria, which hides a bloody history.

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x-feat 2560x1400 @ 240

The Ancient Capital: Kaesong, North Korea

Kaesong is the ancient capital of the Koryo Dynasty, and one of North Korea’s most popular cultura

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x-feat Pobiti Kamani Stone Forest

Pobiti Kamani: Bulgaria’s Stone Forest

Pobiti Kamani is a unique geological phenomenon which has perhaps no parallel to be found anywhere i

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The Old Orphanage: A Derelict Children’s Hospital in the Balkans

High up in the Bulgarian Balkans, this abandoned orphanage dates back to the communist era.

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