In the Belly of Byzantium: The Subterranean Spaces of Istanbul

Underground tourism amongst the ruins of the Byzantine capital.

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MiGs, Stars & Magic Books: A Brief History of Trespassing in Moscow

An illustrated guide to urban exploration in the Russian capital.

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Objekt 221 X

Inside Objekt 221: An Abandoned Soviet Stronghold in the Crimea

Deep beneath a Crimean mountain lurks a derelict nuclear facility that died with the Cold War.

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Urban Exploration in Manchester: Rooftops, Drains & Arches

A tale of ropes, waders and security run-ins, on one wild night in the Northern Capital.

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Hunting for Crocodiles in Bristol’s Dreadnought Drain

After a reported crocodile sighting in Bristol, I ventured down into the sewers for a closer look.

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x-feat 2560x1400 @ 240

The Confectioner’s Dungeon: A Brief History of the King’s Cross Ice Well

A beautifully preserved Victorian ice well, hidden for more than a century beneath central London.

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London Asunder X

London Asunder: Six Tales of Urban Infiltration

London as you’ve never seen it before: exploring the hidden infrastructure of the British capital.

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Balaklava Sub Base X

Exploring Crimea’s Secret Soviet Sub Base: Balaklava Naval Museum

Take a tour through a once-secret, Soviet nuclear submarine base – at Balaklava, on the Crimean Pe

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x-feat Maze Drain

Flashlights and Spider Bites in Melbourne’s Maze Drain

The 'Maze Drain': one of Melbourne's largest underground waterways & home to hordes of venomous spid

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Underneath England: The Godstone Main Series Mine

Exploring the Godstone Main Series Mine: a firestone quarry beneath Surrey, England.

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London’s Secret Waterways: The Lost River Effra

A visit to London Below, and the subterranean waterways of the Lost River Effra.

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x-feat Zhongshan Bunkers

Zhongshan Bunkers: Military Tunnels Under Qingdao

Searching for a network of German military tunnels, hidden beneath Zhongshan Park in Qingdao, China.

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A Ride on North Korea’s Pyongyang Metro

North Korea’s Pyongyang Metro is the world’s most secretive subway. This report visits 5 metro s

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