I Spent Last Night in an Abandoned Bomb Shelter
On Visiting the Abandoned Monument on Grmeč Mountain
A Bad Night in Kyiv
The Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum is Both Kitsch & Compelling
Goodbye, 2016: A Year-End Message from The Bohemian Blog
The Life & Death of Grigori Rasputin
Intractable Histories: Moscow’s Secret River
An Introduction to Dark Tourism
Nicolae Ceaușescu’s Summer Camp [600 words]
Futures Past: Pyongyang Metro [850 words]
Cognac, Fish & Stowaways on the Train to Kazakhstan [2,800 words]
Mateship Below: Melbourne Drains [850 words]
Diggers and Deserters: Odessa Catacombs [850 words]
Necrópolis Cristóbal Colón: Visiting the Dead in Havana, Cuba [800 words]
Colin’s Barn: Exploring the Gloucestershire ‘Hobbit House’ [650 words]
How Not to Do a Tour [6,800 words]
Ghost Tower, Sky Bar: My Second Attempt at the Sathorn Unique [1,300 words]
Claustrophobia in Primorski Drain [950 words]
Mount Qingdao Fort Museum [1,350 words]
The Military Palace of Culture [1,050 words]
Ever Wondered What it’s Like Inside a North Korean Shoe Factory? [1,000 words]
Bulgaria’s ‘Sozopol Vampire’ [700 words]
How I Got Inside Doftana Prison [2,150 words]
The Time I Got Arrested at a Brothel on the China-North Korea Border [2,250 words]
Arnos Vale: The Bristol Necropolis [750 words]
The Peso Pub Crawl [1,400 words]
The Dark Side of Istanbul [2,800 words]
A Latvian Doll Village [650 words]
Here’s Why I Don’t Share Locations [4,300 words]
The Car Quarry [1,200 words]
That Time I Got Arrested, Detained & Interrogated by Russia’s FSB [5,100 words]
The Urban Exploration Report I Wrote for School at Age 13 [850 words]
The Depot: Discovering Ghost Towns on My First Visit to Bulgaria [650 words]
Ciudad Nuclear: Exploring Cuba’s Half-Abandoned ‘Nuclear City’ [800 words]
The Sculptors of Grand Rue: Haiti’s Post-Industrial Vodou Art Scene [1,000 words]



Heroes of Belarus: Soviet Monuments in the Former BSSR
Just Kyiv Things
The House
Kuwait After Dark
Balkan Brut: Socialist-Modernist Architecture in South East Europe
Hidden Prague: Urban Decay in the City of a Thousand Spires
Brutalist, Modernist & Mad: The Yugoslav Architecture of Skopje
Salaspils Concentration Camp: A Latvian Memorial to Massacre
Romanian Rooftops
The Tunnels on Bear Mountain
Visaginas: Post-Soviet Scenes from a Lithuanian Planned Utopia
A Soviet Fallout Shelter Beneath Kiev
Albania in the Rain
Asen’s Fortress, Bulgaria
Olympic Ghosts: Walking the 1986 Sarajevo Bobsleigh Track
Arran’s Mill: Industrial Decay in the Heart of Bucharest
The Knights Templar in London
Kamnik Gunpowder Factory
Climbing the Tower of an Abandoned Brewery in Belgrade
The Stone Circles at Stanton Drew
Climbing the Mostar Sniper Tower in Bosnia & Herzegovina
London’s Magnificent Seven: Kensal Green Cemetery
The House of Flowers: Visiting Marshal Tito’s Mausoleum
A Latvian Aircraft Graveyard
Bucharest’s ‘Palace of The Press’
Željava Airbase: A Yugoslav Labyrinth Beneath Croatia
Moldovan Socialist-Realism
A Bulgarian Aircraft Graveyard
St James’s Cemetery, Liverpool
Pripyat Rooftops
Macedonia’s Millennium Cross
Abandoned Aussie Industry: The Brickworks at Brunswick & Box Hill
The Hidden History Museum Inside a Soviet Train in Transnistria
Transnistrian Day Trips: An Afternoon in Chiţcani
Plokstine Missile Base: A Lithuanian Cold War Museum
Ghosts of Bulgarian Industry
3 Abandoned British Military Bases
Ohrid, Macedonia: The Mythology of Europe’s Oldest Lake
Jack the Ripper Tourism in London’s East End
Vanishing Village: Abandoned Houses in the Mountains of China
Gwrych Castle: A Fortified Folly on the Coast of North Wales
Disaster Tourism: The Ethics of Holidaying in Haiti
Byzantine, Brutal, Baroque: The Insane Architecture of Skopje
A Beginner’s Guide to ‘Chinglish’
Abandoned Schools in the Mountains of Bulgaria



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NB. For access to chapter samples from Eternal Glory, you’ll need to enter the password: pametnik.

The Dead Concrete Citadel [1,300 words]
Dark Tourism in Bulgaria: The Massacre at Batak [1,200 words]
Buzludzha: The House-Monument of the Bulgarian Communist Party [1,300 words]
The Forgotten Communist-Era Tunnels Beneath Bulgaria [1,650 words]

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