The Exclusion Zone

The Bohemian Blog is dedicated to reporting on unusual, unorthodox and – often – controversial travel destinations; the bizarre, the macabre and other secret wonders of the world, as the site’s tagline reads. Even within that broad and anti-traditional travel manifesto however, there are limits… and in the course of running this website I’ve often had to pass over stories that I just didn’t feel I could get away with making public.

Well, now there’s a place for those stories: a repository for my more extreme misadventures, moral dilemmas, clashes with authority, and anything else that felt a little too rich for public consumption.

The Exclusion Zone

This part of the site is where I’ll be posting the stories that I just couldn’t get away with anywhere else… as well as exclusive previews, private photo galleries, candid, behind-the-scenes commentary and samples from various other projects that I’m working on.

There’ll be no change whatsoever to the blog itself; but from now on, each month I’ll be uploading classified content to share privately with the supporters who help to keep this site running.

To find out more about how you can support The Bohemian Blog – and unlock exclusive bonus content in the process – just visit my page on Patreon.

Alternatively, if you’ve already got the password then head on in.

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