The House of Flowers: Visiting Marshal Tito’s Mausoleum

One of my highlights from this last trip to Belgrade was visiting the ‘House of Flowers’: a small memorial site, tucked around the back of the Museum of Yugoslav History, which contains the tomb of Marshal Josip Broz Tito.

The Museum of Yugoslav History was very interesting too, and I’ve included some photos from it here – exhibitions of Yugoslav-era posters and various cinema rooms showing news reels from the period. But naturally, the House of Flowers was the real attraction for me.

Alongside Tito’s marble tomb lay the remains of his wife; and in various other rooms around the building there are displays of his personal effects, gifts received from foreign dignitaries, Tito’s study, his military uniform, and photographic prints from his public funeral ceremony. I particularly loved his collection of ceremonial batons: dozens of them, featuring designs that ranged from miniature factory stacks through to cosmonauts, vintage cameras and ears of corn.

Tito's House of Flowers-2

Tito's House of Flowers-1

Tito's House of Flowers-4

Tito's House of Flowers-5Tito's House of Flowers-3

Tito's House of Flowers-6Tito's House of Flowers-7

Tito's House of Flowers-9

Tito's House of Flowers-8Tito's House of Flowers-10

Tito's House of Flowers-11

Tito's House of Flowers-12

Tito's House of Flowers-13

Tito's House of Flowers-14

Tito's House of Flowers-15Tito's House of Flowers-17

Tito's House of Flowers-16

Tito's House of Flowers-18

Tito's House of Flowers-19

Tito's House of Flowers-20Tito's House of Flowers-21

Tito's House of Flowers-22

Tito's House of Flowers-23Tito's House of Flowers-24

Tito's House of Flowers-25

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