2-8 December 2018

On this 7-day tour we’ll explore the physical legacy of communism in Romania: from the home of Nicolae Ceaușescu to the Bucharest balcony where he gave his final speech… and the military camp where he and his wife were executed in 1989. We’ll head out into the Romanian countryside to visit political prisons, bizarre ideological monuments and marvel at the remnants of colossal communist-era infrastructure.

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2-14 December 2018

Extend your Romania trip as we cross the Danube for another 6 full days of architecture and monuments in Bulgaria. Arriving in Ruse, we’ll travel to the old capital at Veliko Turnovo before heading to the coast, and then crossing the Thracian Plain in the south to eventually finish in Sofia. Along the way you can expect breathtaking views, fantastic food, not to mention some of the most striking Modernist murals, mosaics and monuments you’ll ever see.

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14-20 January 2019 Sold Out
28 January–3 February 2019

Space-age Soviet architecture, traditional Ukrainian handicrafts, contemporary street culture, and the world’s most notorious post-disaster ghost town: this tour celebrates modern Ukraine in all of its glorious contradictions. Join us for two full days exploring the monuments, markets and suburbs of Kyiv, followed by an extended, three-day Winter tour of Chernobyl.

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Bohemian Tours

I don’t like package tours… and that’s why the trips listed on this page probably won’t feel like any conventional tour you’ve been on before. Think of this more as a road trip with friends you haven’t met yet – and with an itinerary that’s fluid enough to allow for spontaneous distractions and photo stops. It’s a road trip packed full of history and architecture, with elements of urban exploration and dark tourism thrown in.

I believe the result is something quite special… and ever since I ran my first tour back in May 2015, every subsequent event I’ve organised has sold out fast.

If you have any questions about the tours listed on this page, or to book your place, just send me a message.

Been on one of my tours before? I’ll be very happy to offer a 10% discount for returning guests.


Past Tours

Obscura Day / May 2015 / with Atlas Obscura
Bulgaria Arkitektour / September 2015
Bulgaria Arkitektour / October 2015
Pop-up Tour Zero: Ukraine / September 2016 / with Yomadic
Bulgaria Arkitektour / September 2016
Bulgaria Arkitektour / October 2016
Pop-up Tour: Ukraine / January 2017 / with Yomadic
Journey Into Bulgaria / January 2017 / with Atlas Obscura
Yugoslav Memorial Tour / April 2017
Obscura Day / May 2017 / with Atlas Obscura
Pop-up Tour: Ukraine / Transnistria / August 2017 / with Yomadic
Chernobyl by Day, Kyiv by Night / September 2017 / with Atlas Obscura
Bulgaria Arkitektour / September 2017
Bulgaria Arkitektour / October 2017
Pop-up Tour: Ukraine on Ice / January 2018 / with Yomadic
Yugoslav Memorial Tour / April 2018 / with Atlas Obscura
Bulgaria Arkitektour / May 2018
Kiev, Chernobyl & the Borders of Bessarabia / August 2018 / with Atlas Obscura
Chernobyl by Day, Kyiv by Night / September 2018 / with Atlas Obscura
Yugoslav Memorial Tour / September 2017


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