The Bohemian Blog started at the end of 2011 – as an online platform for British writer Darmon Richter.

Darmon shared his photos and a short report about visiting an abandoned mental asylum, and readers seemed to like it. After that he shared more stories, about ghost towns, disused factories and other urban ruins… slowly, more people started paying attention. A few months later, Darmon posted an article about a derelict communist-era monument in Eastern Europe. An online magazine picked up the story, sending back tens of thousands of hits in the space of a few hours. The internet had spoken – as it turned out, other people were interested in this kind of stuff too.

So Darmon travelled more, took more photos, and shared more stories. To date, The Bohemian Blog has featured reports from across four continents – 40 countries and counting. Darmon will post stories about pretty much any subject that interests him. It could be political protests in the Balkans one week, then ancient folk festivals the next. The site does focus on a number of recurring themes, however. Darmon is particularly interested in the art and architecture of 20th century communist regimes. He writes about different modes of travel too, often engaging with locations through the lenses of dark tourism, urban exploration or psychogeography.

All photography on this site is the author’s own work, excluding a small handful of images which are labelled otherwise (because cameras sometimes need a day off too). Some names have been changed… for reasons that ought to be obvious. If you’d like to use any of the images on this site, or if you have any questions at all, please get in touch.

The Bohemian Blog features no paid ads, no guest posts, no bought links, and absolutely no agenda – political or otherwise. It has no corporate sponsors, although anyone interested in helping the site to grow can do so by supporting The Bohemian Blog on Patreon. You can even join Darmon for an adventure on one of his Tours.